Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Music Lover


“Cherelle has fashioned a smooth blend of Indie-girl rock full of expressive emotions that dig deep into the heart of introspection and unfold the world she lives in”. “Jardine’s voice embraces each melody like angel kisses unfolding a revelation”, Bryan Baker Gajoob and, “Confident in an iffy world, Cherelle sings like some people pray” Music Dish. These quotes have followed Cherelle throughout her solo career, her time with the mother daughter band The Jardines, rock band HEAD and her beloved Stone Poets which is still going strong with a brand new album, HUM∀N. 

Cherelle has been on this musical adventure since 1993 and has cherished every moment, every opportunity to create and perform music. She learned how to play guitar with a tossed out, broken 6 string that she duct-taped together and taught herself to play.  She’s produced 13 albums during her career, 4 solo, 2 with The Jardines, 2 with HEAD, 5 with Stone Poets, dipping her toes in various styles of music, soft rock, rock, roots, alt country and folk/pop. She paid for and recorded her 1st cd by working at a studio and exchanging hours worked for studio time.  

Cherelle has donated countless hours of performance for good causes, has toured North America, west coast USA, parts of the UK and has written a suitcase full of songs.  She picked up the mandolin a few years ago to add another flavour to the music of Stone Poets.  

Cherelle is a dreamer and sees the big picture, there are no baby steps in her vision, which sometimes makes her band mates a little crazy.
  Her current focus is on Stone Poets HUM∀N album but she’s already planning a new solo album in 2026 where she’ll release new music and re-release remixed selections from The Jardines and her past solo recordings.  

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