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Welcome to my story.

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer

“Cherelle has fashioned a smooth blend of Indie-girl rock full of expressive emotions that dig deep into the heart of introspection and unfold the world she lives in”.  "Jardine’s voice embraces each melody like angel kisses unfolding a revelation”, Bryan Baker Gajoob and, “Confident in an iffy world, Cherelle sings like some people pray” Music Dish. These quotes have followed Cherelle throughout her solo career, her time with the mother daughter band The Jardines, rock band HEAD and her beloved Stone Poets which is still going strong with a brand new album, HUM∀N.
Cherelle has been recording, performing and producing music since 1995 and her body of work includes 13 independent cds.  
Starting off as a solo artist, Cherelle released 4 solo albums from 1995-2006; Born Naked, Something Good is Happening, Bleeding Water and Head Traffic.

In 2009 Cherelle was getting ready to record her 5th solo album, but instead asked her daughter who was graduating from college if she’d like to form a mother daughter band and Ajaye said yes.  They simply called it The Jardines and put together a 7 piece alt-country, roots band that would perform for the 2010 opening Olympic ceremonies in Richmond BC, as well as festivals throughout BC.  Cherelle gained country wide recognition as one of the  spokespersons for CTV’s, “Do you believe?" campaign for the Olympics. Cherelle and Ajaye toured in the UK and performed at the infamous Cavern Club in Liverpool, then travelled to Nashville to perform and song-write with notable Nashville writers Daryl Burgess and Jane Bach.
The Jardines produced 2 albums, 1 self titled, The Jardines and Someone’s Stolen Tuesday (co-produced with Marc Gladstone) before disbanding in 2014.

While The Jardines was going strong, Cherelle, Marc and Scott Jackson formed Stone Poets, a folk/pop roots trio.  Together they combine years of experience gathered from their time spent in multiple bands and solo-projects, into a greater collective good. With each player adding their own significant contributions to the writing, sound, and style of Stone Poets, they immediately achieved a balance of strengths and have been continually adding to their body of work. To date Stone Poets have released 5 albums and a few singles.  Trippin’ on Daisies, Angels and Devils, More Angels and Devils, Smoke and Mirrors, 2 singles for their Eastern Canadian tour - Gleam and Beam, and The Great Divide (the latter written in Nashville with Daryl and LeeAnn Burgess), and now, HUM∀N. 
HUM∀N is a 17 track album with songs full of hope, love and humanity. From pop sensibilities to soulful balladry, this album delivers songs and by all accounts seems to be what the world needs to hear right now in these troubled times. You can read Eric Alper's promotion for the 1st single, The Great Divide and info on the album here HUM∀N dropped January 31 2024 and has been getting rave reviews. You can stream it at
For more information on Stone Poets and HUM∀N

Cherelle has explored many genres throughout her career, alt-country, roots, folk, soft rock and in 2015, Cherelle took on an alter ego, “Lyric" and formed the rock band HEAD with Marc Gladstone. HEAD released its 1st cd, Afraid to Sleep in 2016 and the 2nd, Dear Father in 2018. Being Lyric was like therapy for Cherelle. Her  childhood was rough, living with an abusive drug and alcohol addicted father, her upbringing paved the way for a journey of internal struggle. 
Though it didn’t seem that way at the time, those years of mental abuse were an unexpected gift.  Being all too familiar with those inner demons, she used them in a positive way, as motivation for song writing to work through her past, injecting it full throttle into HEAD. The results conjured up dark and thought provoking lyrics. With the help of Marc, the songs were written in a rock format; think NIN and Garbage.  Sadly Covid killed the band, Lyric’s work was done, freeing Cherelle from her painful stifled memories.  
HEAD music can still be found where ever you stream your music. 
Following HEAD’s break up, Stone Poets became the focus for Cherelle getting HUM∀N out to the world.

Other projects in Cherelle’s past:
Cherelle produced a podcast on Pacific Northwest Radio called Make a Scene Canada which ran for 3 years.  The show interviewed Canadian recording and touring artists like Colin James, Jesse Cook, Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Myles Goodwin, Jane Siberry, Liona Boyd, Greg Godovitz, Peter Karroll, Chin Injeti, Theo Tams,  Todd Kerns, Dakannah Gail Bowen, Roy Forbes, Doug Cox, Sass Jordan, Coco Jafro, Gordon Deppe (Spoons), Maestro Fresh Wes, Al Harlow (Prism) and music industry icons Jim Cressman (Invictus Entertainment) and Eric Alper, to name a few plus an array of local artists. 
You can find past shows on Apple Podcast.

Cherelle is the recipient of The Richmond Arts Award in 2011 and the Ethel Tibbits award in 2012 for her cultural leadership in the arts community.  She also worked to help up and coming artists as President of Pacific Songwriter's Association and past Vice President of PAIRA - the Pacific Alliance of Independent Recording Artists in 2000 and 2002 respectively. 
Cherelle produced a concert series Musical Expressions, which was sponsored by the City of Richmond.  ME had a successful run for 7 years, showcasing over 100 artists at the Cultural Centre, Britianna Shipyards as well making an appearance at the 2010 Ozone at the Olympic games.  

Cherelle has been on this musical adventure since 1996 and has cherished every moment, every opportunity to create and perform music. She learned how to play guitar with a tossed out, broken 6 string that she duct-taped together and taught herself to play.  She paid for and recorded her 1st cd by working at a studio and exchanging hours worked for studio time.  Cherelle has donated countless hours of performance for good causes, has toured North America, west coast USA, parts of the UK and has written a plethora of songs.  She picked up the mandolin a few years ago to add another flavour to the music of Stone Poets.  Cherelle is a dreamer and sees the big picture, there are no baby steps in her vision, which sometimes makes her band mates a little crazy.
Her current focus is on Stone Poets HUM∀N album but she's already planning a new solo release in 2026 where she'll release new music and re-release remixed selections from The Jardines and her past solo recordings.  The story continues...

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