Stone Poets

Canadian troubadours

Folk Pop/Roots

Stone Poets brings together a blend of poetic lyricism and emotionally powerful instrumentation, creating moving music that sparks hopefulness, a sense of joy and optimism. Together they dive deep into meaningful material that reveals their bold authenticity.
Cherelle Jardine, Marc Gladstone and Scotty J,(Jackson) three Troubadours, connect hearts & minds across the globe with their body of work.
Founded in 2011, Cherelle Jardine (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Scott Jackson (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion), and Marc Gladstone (Vocals, Keyboards. percussion), combine years of experience gathered from their time spent in multiple bands and solo-projects, into a greater collective good. With each player adding their own significant contributions to the writing, sound, and style of Stone Poets, they immediately achieved a balance of strengths and have been continually adding to their body of work which now includes their 5th studio project, HUM∀N.
HUM∀N is a 17 track album with songs full of hope, love and humanity. From pop sensibilities to soulful balladry, this album delivers songs and by all accounts seems to be what the world needs to hear right now in these troubled times. You can read Eric Alper's promotion for the 1st single The Great Divide and info on the album here
Seeing the band live is an experience in itself as they pull you in and captivate with their stories and reflections on life.

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